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Japanese tradition and modern design combined. Renovated from an authentic Kyoto-style townhouse (machiya) to unite traditional culture with modern comfort, we invite you to spend luxurious moments at our private hotel. Relaxing inside the spacious rooms, let your mind be soothed by the calming atmosphere around you.

We welcome guests traveling together with their pets, and as one of the few barrier-free machiya-based hotels, we are also glad to accommodate handicapped persons, including wheelchair users. Since our location is perfect for both business and sightseeing, you will be sure to enjoy Japan's culture and scenery to your heart's content.



Photo of the stone garden from inside the living room

Machiya Hotel YANAGI's design is based on the concept of “water”.

Throughout Kyoto, transportation of goods by water using rivers and canals, like the great Kamo and Katsura Rivers, the Takase Canal and the Takano River, has been flourishing since ancient times, and many locations associated with water, such as the pure Otowa Waterfall at Kiyomizu Temple, are renowned as places of exceptional beauty.

We have expressed these through several of our hotel's design elements, like the stone water basin inside the garden, the bridge connecting the rooms of the upper floor and the paintings of water on the sliding screens of the tatami room.


Welcome. We look forward to

your stay at our hotel.

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My name is Ute Sawada, the proprietress of Machiya Hotel YANAGI.

Not only does our location allow for easy access to famous sightseeing spots like Arashiyama, the Golden Temple Kinkaku-ji and Nijō Castle, as well as to the city center, but we also give our guests an authentic experience of Kyoto life while providing them with the comforts of a modern hotel.

In an extraordinary city like Kyoto, how about an extraordinary hotel for your stay? Let's create unforgettable memories together at Machiya Hotel YANAGI.

Photo of the upper floor
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Hotel Information

Are you planning to stay at our hotel or have already made a booking with us?

Please consider checking our information page to make your stay even more comfortable.

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Photo of a tea ceremony being performed in the stone garden

Experience true Japanese tradition, right in the ancient heart of Japan and immerse yourselves in the profound world of the Sencha Tea Ceremony.

Tea Ceremony






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