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Tea Ceremony Experience

About Our Tea Room

In order to offer our guests the chance to enjoy a Sencha Tea Ceremony right inside the facility, our hotel's stone garden was designed to be used as a spacious outdoor tea room. Once the acrylic board found in the kitchen is placed on top of the stone water basin in the middle of the garden, the space takes on a more mysterious atmosphere. Let us gather outside, have a seat on the low engawa-type walkway encompassing the basin, modeled on the wooden walkways that can be spotted in traditional Japanese houses, and gaze at the ripples slowly spreading on the water's surface while enjoying some tea together. We would be delighted if our tea room, which was created as a place to unwind, to soothe the high-strung hearts of those worn out by today's hectic information society, could provide you with the opportunity to spend some calm, relaxing time during your stay.


About the Sencha Tea Ceremony

As an important traditional culture of Japan, the Sencha Tea Ceremony (senchadō) has been passed down from generation to generation, inheriting both the spirit of its founding father Baisaō and the art of beautifully preparing and serving tea. Depending on the tea utensils and the type of tea that are used, each ceremony is conducted following a distinct procedure, demanding profound knowledge and an attitude of sincerity and hospitality from the host in every act.

Embodying the essential Japanese principle of “wa”, the traditional tea ceremony is appreciated as a manifestation of the unique aesthetic sense and philosophy of Japan, expressing natural harmony, genuine consideration for others, as well as feelings of modesty and gratitude.

Experience Details

Guests who book an experience are able to witness a performance of the traditional tea ceremony “encha mittsukazari” of the Ōbaku Baisa-ryū School of senchadō. Due to its procedure, only a total of 5 cups of tea can be served during the ceremony, but it is possible for a greater number of persons to take part by watching. Afterwards, there will be a detailed explanation regarding the tea utensils and the ceremony's procedure, and guests may ask freely about anything they are interested in.

The type of tea served during the ceremony is high-quality Gyokuro green tea. Known for its distinctively strong and savory taste, we hope this unique type of tea will be an unforgettable delight for our guests' palate. Please enjoy it together with a selection of fresh seasonal Japanese sweets procured from renowned and long-established sweets shops throughout Kyoto.


Additional Information

  • In fair weather, the ceremony is conducted in the outdoor tea room, and inside the building in case of rain.

  • A performance of the tea ceremony “encha mittsukazari” is shown.

  • The ceremony takes about 30 minutes to perform.

  • After the ceremony, guests may listen to detailed explanations or ask questions about the ceremony for an additional 30 minutes.

  • We reserve the right to use about 30 minutes both before and after the performance to prepare/clear away all necessary items.

  • Guests may use their time freely or leave the building during preparation/cleanup.

  • Guests may take photos and/or videos at will during the ceremony.

  • Guests do not have to follow any special etiquette. Please enjoy the experience freely and without hesitation.

How to Book a Tea Ceremony

If you would like to book a tea ceremony experience, please use our contact form to inform us of the number of participants and your preferred date and time for the performance. In case you have already booked your stay, we would like to ask you to also provide us with your booking number and name so we are able to easily find your booking. Please be advised that depending on the situation, we cannot guarantee that it will be possible to perform a tea ceremony during your stay. Thank you for your understanding.

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