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Terms of Usage

House Rules


House Rules

Machiya Hotel YANAGI's House Rules are as follows. Please review them carefully before making your reservation and keep them in mind at all times during your stay.

  • It is strictly forbidden to enter the hotel with shoes. Please take off your shoes at the entrance of the building and do not enter or walk inside the rooms while wearing shoes.

  • At all times, please keep noise and loud conversations to a minimum, especially in the early hours of the morning and during nighttime, both inside the hotel's rooms and in the garden, as well as on the street around and in the vicinity of the building. Silent hours are from 10 pm to 6 am.

  • At its core, our hotel is a traditional Kyoto-style townhouse (machiya). Due to the structure of the building, speaking loudly inside the rooms or the stairs, treading heavily and slamming doors poses a great disturbance to the inhabitants in the vicinity. Please be considerate and act much more carefully than you would at a usual hotel.

  • Please do not drag suitcases or any other objects on the tatami (rice straw) mats inside the Japanese room. This might seriously damage the tatami.

  • Please do not throw away any trash outside of the hotel during your stay. If you have a lot of trash, please contact us for collection. Furthermore, please do not use the waste bins at nearby convenience stores or other public or private facilities, but use the bins provided inside the hotel to throw away your trash.

  • We are a non-smoking hotel. Smoking inside the hotel and on the street nearby is strictly prohibited. If you would like to smoke, please do so inside the garden or use the smoking areas provided at a nearby convenience store.

  • If you smoke inside the garden, please use the provided ashtray to collect the cigarette ends and tobacco ashes.

  • For security reasons, persons except those specified at the time of reservation (e.g., occasional visitors) are not allowed to enter the hotel.

  • Pets are not allowed unless clearly specified at the time of reservation.

  • Please be sure to carefully read the separate leaflet concerning the safe and secure use of this facility. It contains important information about the place of installation and use of fire extinguishers, emergency contact information, of how to contact 119, etc.


Notes and Requests to Our Guests

Below, we have summarized a few important notes and requests to our guests. Please read them in addition to our House Rules and keep them in mind during your stay.

  • We are currently not providing any kind of meals at our hotel, including breakfast. However, our hotel is furnished with basic kitchen and cooking utensils, as well as tableware, which you may use freely during your stay. Please view our [Usage Information] page for further information.

  • Aside from the room amenities provided at our hotel, please prepare and bring any other necessary products and equipment by yourselves. This includes pajamas, charging cables of any kind, power plug conversion adapters for electrical outlets, etc. Please view our [Usage Information] page for further information about our hotel's room amenities.

  • When temporarily leaving the hotel, as well as at the time of your check-out, please turn off all lights and switch off any electrical devices, including air conditioners. We appreciate your cooperation with and contribution to our efforts to save electricity and water for ecology and environmental conservation.

  • Due to the fact that our hotel is a traditional wooden building, it is unfortunately not completely soundproof. While we are making an active effort to improve the building's sound insulating properties, e.g. by installing double-glazed windows, we are regrettably not able to completely prevent sound leakage out of or into the building. Thank you for your understanding.

  • For the same reason, our hotel is unfortunately not entirely barrier-free as well. While the upper floor can only be accessed by means of a staircase, the ground floor is completely barrier-free and can accommodate handicapped persons, including wheelchair users. Please view our [About] page for further information.

  • We do not enforce a curfew for our guests, but in case you return to or depart from the hotel during nighttime or early in the morning (between 10 pm and 6 am), please keep noise and loud conversation to a minimum in order not to disturb the local residents.

  • To ensure the safety of our guests and their belongings/valuables, Machiya Hotel YANAGI has a digital lock installed at the entrance. We will provide you with instructions on how to operate and open the digital lock with a unique security code via e-mail prior to your arrival and explain them in more detail at the time of your check-in.

  • When temporarily leaving the hotel, please make sure to take all of your valuables with you; for security reasons, it is not advisable to leave them inside the building. Please also note that during your stay at our hotel, all of your belongings and valuables are your personal responsibility. Machiya Hotel YANAGI will not assume liability for any missing items (lost, stolen or otherwise). Thank you for your understanding.

  • The Japanese Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare (MHLW) requires all foreign nationals who do not possess a valid address in Japan to produce their passports at the time of their check-in. Please be prepared to present your passport when asked to by our staff. For further information, please refer to the [official website of the MHLW]. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

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