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Terms of Usage

Guest & Child Policies

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Maximum Number of Guests

Machiya Hotel YANAGI allows for the accommodation of a maximum of 9 persons at once. However, since the number of beds/futons is limited, no more than 7 adults and no more than 8 children under 18 are able to stay at our hotel at the same time.

Furthermore, due to the same limitations, in case the total number of guests exceeds 7 persons for bookings with 7 adult guests, we reserve the right to restrict the additional guests to children or infants that are able to co-sleep (share a bed/futon) with an adult guest. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

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Age Restrictions

At our hotel, we do not have any special age restrictions for our guests. We can accommodate adults, as well as children of any age, starting from infants under 1 year old, so please do not hesitate to bring your whole family.

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Child Policies

At Machiya Hotel YANAGI, a maximum of 2 children aged 3 or younger may stay without charge. Accordingly, if the total number of children is 3 or more, you will be charged for every additional child even if they are below the age of 4. Furthermore, children aged 4 or older will be treated as adult guests and you will be charged the standard adult fee for any children of this age accompanying you.

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Number of Beds/Futons

At our hotel, we provide our guests with a total of 5 beds and 2 Japanese futons, allowing for a maximum of 7 persons to sleep separately. Since we are not able to provide any additional bedding (e.g., infant beds or additional futons), we would like to ask our guests to prepare and bring any necessary equipment by themselves.

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