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Terms of Usage

Check-In & Check-Out

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Check-In/Check-Out Times

The check-in/check-out times at Machiya Hotel YANAGI are as follows. In order to make sure we are able to thoroughly clean and prepare the hotel for our guests, we cannot guarantee that checking in or out outside of these hours (e.g., early check-in or late check-out) will be possible, so if you would like to check in or out at a different time, you are required to contact us in advance and as soon as possible. Please be advised that checking in early or checking out late without advance notification will not be tolerated and may incur an additional charge.


Check-In    16:00-22:00 (4 pm to 10 pm)

Check-Out   07:00-10:00 (7 am to 10 am)

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Check-In/Check-Out Procedures

In general, the check-in procedure is conducted upon our guests' arrival at our hotel.

A member of our staff will await you at the hotel at a time of your preference to welcome you personally, provide you with more information regarding your stay and, if necessary, settle the payment of your accommodation fee and/or any additional fees (if applicable).

We would therefore like to ask our guests to provide us with their estimated time of arrival (preferred time of check-in) at our hotel until 6 pm of the day before their planned arrival. If we do not receive any notification about your preferred time of check-in, it is possible that we will contact you via e-mail, SMS or phone. Thank you for your understanding.


Depending on the situation, we might also ask you to pay your accommodation fee at the time of your check-out instead. In that case, we will contact you beforehand via e-mail, SMS or phone and inquire about your time of departure (preferred time of check-out), so please provide us with a time of your preference if you are contacted by our staff.


Moreover, please note that if your payment is to be settled at the time of your check-out or if you have already paid your accommodation fee online in advance, there might not be any staff present at the hotel at the time of your arrival/check-in. You will nevertheless be able to freely enter the building and conduct the check-in procedure on your own without any staff having to be present. We will contact all of our guests prior to their arrival via e-mail, providing them with important information about their stay, including instructions on how to operate and open the digital lock at the entrance with a unique security code, so please make sure to keep checking your e-mails regularly before your stay.

Should our e-mail not have reached you or should you have been unable to check its contents for any reason, please reach out to us by phone or use the contact form on our website as soon as possible.


Furthermore, we do not conduct any special check-out procedure at Machiya Hotel YANAGI. After leaving the building on the day of your check-out, just close the door and make sure it is locked correctly; this will conclude your check-out. However, please be advised that if you have not checked out by 10 am on the day of your departure without any advance notice, it is possible that you will be asked by our staff to immediately leave the premises and/or will be charged an additional fee. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

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Guest List and Collection of Personal Information

According to the regulations established by the Japanese Law for Hotel Businesses, every single guest staying at our hotel is required to provide us with basic personal information. Therefore, at the time of your check-in, please completely fill in the guest list, which can be found inside the building upon your arrival, with the personal data (e.g., full name, address, profession, etc.) of each individual guest, including children and infants, together with your group’s planned day of check-in and check-out, respectively.

Please note that filling in the guest list incompletely or with false information is a violation of existing Japanese law and will not be tolerated.


Additionally, we are obliged by the same law to ask every single guest without a valid address in Japan to either produce their passports at the time of their check-in or check-out, so we are able to record (i.e., take a photo of) each personal data page, or to send us a legible copy or photo of each personal data page via e-mail (to at any time before or during their stay.

For guests with a valid address in Japan, presenting their passports is not necessary. However, any guest without a valid address in Japan who is unable or refuses to produce (copies/photos of) their passports is not eligible to stay at our hotel.


We hereby assure you that we will not use the personal data collected by means of our guest list or any copies/photos of your passports for any other purpose than to be able to abide by Japanese law, nor will we provide them to any third party, except if we have been requested to do so by an authorized government official or public servant.


Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

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