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Terms of Usage


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Regarding Payments

In general, our guests will be asked to settle their payment at the time of their check-in, but depending on the situation, we might ask our guests to make their payment at the time of their check-out instead. In both cases, a member of our staff will call on you at the hotel at a time of your preference and collect your accommodation fee from you directly, so please be prepared to make your payment at the appointed time.


In case you have already paid your accommodation fee online or have made an advance payment and there are no additional fees to be paid, making a payment at the time of your check-in/check-out will not be necessary.

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Payment Methods

At Machiya Hotel YANAGI, guests may choose to either make an advance payment or to settle their payment on site.


Guests who wish to make an advance payment will be provided with an access link to an online invoice that can be easily paid with a credit card of their choice from any computer or smartphone. Please carefully review the contents of the invoice and complete your payment until 1 day (24 hours) before your planned arrival at the latest.

If we are unable to confirm your payment, it is possible that we will contact you via e-mail, SMS or phone to inquire about your payment.


Concerning guests who have made their reservation via an online travel agency (OTA) like, Expedia or Agoda and have selected to pay their accommodation fee online at the time of their booking, the OTA will automatically settle the payment by charging the credit card used during the booking, so additional advance or on-site payments will be unnecessary.


Guests who wish to make their payment on site may choose to pay in cash, by credit card or with electronic money.

If you decide to pay in cash, we would like to ask you prepare an amount that is as close as possible to the actual accommodation fee, as we are unable to return large amounts of change.

If you would like to use your credit card, we accept VISA, MasterCard, American Express, as well as JCB, Diners Club and Discover.

In case you choose to use electronic money, QuicPay, Apple Pay, PayPay, iD and transportation IC cards are available for payment.

At the time of your on-site payment, please make sure to either have at hand your credit card or to be prepared to pay in cash or with electronic money.

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Issuing of Receipts

At Machiya Hotel YANAGI, we are able to issue either a digital and/or an official (printed) receipt for our guests' payments.


A simplified digital receipt can be sent to an e-mail address of your choice immediately after the completion of your payment (or at any later date), so please inform us if you would like to receive a digital receipt. Guests who have completed their payment via online invoice may also access their digital receipt by themselves freely any time after settling their payment.


If you require an official (printed) receipt with our company’s seal, please inform us in advance and provide us with the name of the addressee (guest or company name) that you would like us to include in the receipt. A member of our staff will then directly hand it to you either at the time of your check-in or check-out.

Please note that if you require an official (printed) receipt but have not notified us in advance, we will send the receipt to you at a later date by post (COD). Thank you for your understanding.

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