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About Our Hotel


Kyoto is renowned for its many ancient rivers and waterways, such as the great Kamo River, and abounds with fresh spring water from the surrounding mountains. Working together with young, talented designers, we aimed to create a hotel that retains the unique atmosphere of this city.


Sadayoshi Mino

Photo of architect Sadayoshi Mino

First-Class Architect

Putting special emphasis on the many different types of “spaces” associated with daily life and its necessities, Sadayoshi Mino creates buildings that shape these spaces into structures designed to bring out the potential of each location while envisioning the future of their inhabitants.

Photo of the living room and dining area
Photo of the upper floor


Kanako Shintaku

Photo of performance artist Kanako Shintaku

Performance Artist

Kanako Shintaku is a performance artist known for covering the entire surface of her body in paint of various colors. A graduate of the renowned Kyoto University of Art and Design, she has held solo exhibitions in Kyoto and Tokyo and has participated in art fairs throughout the country. We are delighted to display her unique art on the sliding screens of our Japanese tatami room.

Floor Plan

Ground Floor Plan

Ground Floor

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Upper Floor Plan

Upper Floor

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Room Overview

Living Room

Relish the unique atmosphere of Kyoto while enjoying the comforts of a modern hotel in our spacious living room: Take a relaxing break on the sofa, appreciate the view of the elegant stone garden or have a pleasant conversation while preparing a meal at the kitchen island. Looking up at the underside of the roof from below, past the bridge connecting the rooms on the upper floor, will fill you with feelings of liberation and tranquility.



Utilizing the state-of-the-art building material “Mortex” to create a sleek, modern design, our compact but highly functional kitchen island allows you to have a pleasant chat among the members of your group while preparing a meal.

1F Western Bedroom

Enjoy the peace of night in Kyoto in our cozy double bedroom with wooden flooring. Depending on the time of day, its “reverse latticework” (gyaku-gōshi) design decorating the northern wall might treat you to a mysterious play of light filtering through the transparent parts of the lattice.

Shower Room

How about a soothing bathtime after a long day of sightseeing? Our shower room, which is fitted with a bathtub, is completely barrier-free and can be also accessed by wheelchair users.